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- Be like Jesus -

The goal of our faith (and pretty much everything we do here) is to glorify God by becoming a body of people who look just like Jesus. Together, we learn and share His teachings, while living them out in community. This process starts when we are saved, and continues for our whole lives. Below you'll find more information about how you can be saved and about how Parkside can help you grow. Our goal is to connect you with other believers who are further down the road than you, and help you connect with those who you are ready to lead.


You might be wondering how you can know for sure that you'll go to heaven when you die. Or maybe, you're wondering if you can actually know God here on earth. The good news is that you can know both! Jesus says that everyone who believes in him has eternal life, and that eternal begins right away in a relationship with God. Check it out in your bible: JOHN 3:16 and 17:3.

Click below video that explains this great news! 

What Must I do to be Saved?

Want to talk to us about it? We'd love to! 

Call us at (928)567-3577 and tell us that you want to know more about the Gospel


One of the most important steps we can take in our faith is connecting with more mature believers and committing to learn and grow in Christ. If you are ready to connect with someone, give us your information and we will help you connect with someone in our community who'd love to meet with you. 

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